Blitz Walkers

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Blitzwalkers offers guided walks through selected parts of London where there is a rich tapestry of stories to be told about the London Blitz, whether these be stories of individual heroism, tragic occurrences or everyday life in London during the Second World War (WWII).

Our walks are illustrated with 'then and now' photographs, artefacts from the period such as pieces of shrapnel, items of clothing and uniform and even an incendiary bomb - deactivated of course!
Our knowledge both of the localities covered and the personalities from those areas, together with our technical knowledge of the organisations involved and the equipment used all serve to make our walks an unforgettable and interesting experience.

In addition to our Guided Walks, Blitzwalkers can offer research services both for individuals and organisations - whether you are trying to trace the history of your local neighbourhood during the Blitz, or where an ancestor may have served in one of the Civil Defence organisations or the Home Guard.

Finally, Blitzwalkers can provide talks to organisations such as Schools, Local History Groups, W.I. Groups, or corporate bodies about various facets of the London Blitz, whether it be the Home Front in general, Heroes & Villains of The Blitz, or talks tailored to suit local areas.
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