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Steve Hunnisett

Steve HunnisettBorn in Greenwich in 1958, Steve probably first became interested in history as a small boy on a visit to Greenwich Park in the late 1960s, when he asked his Dad to explain what had caused the scars on the plinth of the General Wolfe Statue. When told that they were caused by shrapnel and having had the meaning of this explained to him, the rest, as they say, is history!

Steve worked in the shipping industry for P&O for 12 years before moving into the construction world in the late 1980s, where he remained for over 20 years before reverting to the freight industry a few years ago. Perhaps because of his shipping background, Steve’s initial interest was in naval history, although this has always been supplemented by a love of London’s history as well as a fascination with the Second World War.

Since starting Blitzwalkers with Neil, Steve has frequently guided walks both in Central London as well as his native Greenwich and recent clients have included Waterford High School, Utah USA, The Friends of the Swedish School in London, Sutton Rotary Club, Shepherd Construction, as well as numerous private family groups. Steve is also the writer of the Blitzwalkers Blog which appears regularly within the website.

Steve’s late Mother, Doris worked at Woolwich Arsenal throughout the war as well as working as a telephonist for the Fire Service, whilst late Father, Ron was in the Territorial Army before the war and served overseas with the Royal Artillery in Norway and North Africa and later with the RAF Regiment in North Africa and Trans-Jordan before returning to the UK in 1944.

Away from history, Steve lives in southeast London, is a lover of most sports and is a member of Middlesex CCC and a Charlton Athletic season ticket holder for his sins.

Neil Bright

Neil BrightLike Steve, Neil is a product of 1958. Neil’s interest in history started having gone to see “Waterloo” at the sadly demolished Lewisham Odeon three times in one week. In the past 15 years, Neil has become passionate about the Blitz and developed London Blitz walks with Steve which they regularly conduct.

A Wander Through Wartime London bookNeil has had his first book “A Wander Through Wartime London” written with good friend and historian Clive Harris, published by Pen & Sword. He has also worked on the BBC television programme “Tales from the London Blitz” as well as with Channel 4 on-line.

Recent clients have included the British Army, Fortune Travel, Better Bankside, The Union Jack Club and the Dresden International School.

Neil’s late Mother, Pat was a Fire Watcher during the Blitz in Crofton Park, South London and late Father, John was an ARP Messenger in neighbouring Brockley before serving with REME in East Africa after the War.

Marietta Crichton-Stuart

Marietta Crichton-StuartMarietta has always been interested in history; it was her favourite subject at school and has a degree in Medieval History. For many years she has been studying the First World War and visiting the Western Front whilst doing family research.

After going on one of Neil and Steve’s Blitz walks, she became fascinated by the London Blitz and the Second World War and since then, following much reading and research, she has joined them in guiding Blitz walking tours and doing Blitz workshops for schools.

Marietta comes from Scotland and her family’s London Blitz connection is through a great aunt whose flat was wrecked by a V-1 flying bomb in 1944. A member of London’s Friends of Kennington Park, she organised a memorial service for the air raid victims who were killed on 15th October 1940 when their shelter in the park took a direct hit. There is now a special memorial to them in Kennington Park.

After working in the newspaper industry for many years, Marietta is now a freelance researcher and historian.

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